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Mini Heart Body Butter Bars
Mini Heart Body Butter Bars
Mini Heart Body Butter Bars

Mini Heart Body Butter Bars

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These little gems are a mini version of our loved Body Butter Bars.  What a great gift to introduce to someone something you love!  

We don't tire of hearing, "I can't live without my Body Butter Bar!"  What a way to moisturize. Food grade botanical oils that sooth and smooth skin, with added essential oils if chosen. Rub it all over during the shower to lock in the much sought after moisture! Men and women both love these!

If you love these try our full sized Body Butter Bars.

Ingredients: Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Jojoba oil, and with or without Essential oils, and vitamin E.

Packaging: 3 in a bag.  .70oz @, 2.10 oz per non-biodegradable heart printed cello bag.    

 WARNING: Can make bathtub and faucet handles slick with oil, use caution.  Keep out of reach of animals and children.  Do not wash pieces down drain.  If pieces wash down drain, leave shower and run hot water in drain.


NOT SOAP! For soap, please go here: Natural Soaps

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