Primal Amor Perfume

Primal Amor Perfume

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Primal - essential.

Amor - true love.

A strangely powerful, sensuous blend to be caught up in with your true love. It's got a mood to it, transporting you from the mundane,all in a roll-on glass container. Roll onto your pulse points and enjoy!

The Blend - Aphrodisiac, Exotic, Sweet, Sensual, Creativity, Harmonizing, Relaxing, an aromatherapy experience to share with someone close.Anecdotal Aromatherapy:Lotus - calms nervous system, alleviates anger, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant,Angelica - calms nerves, stimulant, tonic Vanilla Absolute - invites sensuality, confidence, relaxes inhibitions, comforting, softens anger and frustration.

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