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EVERY thing in this premium gift biodegrades.* It's a good start to a completely Earth Friendly skin and bodycare experience! 

The packaging, if any, may look like plastic, but it's a special bio cello.  It will not sit forever in a landfill.  Nothing here will!  A great way to introduce a new way of living!

We were told it's never going to make sense when we put together the tagline: Naturally Skin & Fin Friendly, but I said, "Don't worry, I love explaining it!"

If you put something on your skin, it's either going to soak in, or wash away, so where does it go?  Into the water supply.  By using natural, earth friendly ingredients, you can make a difference.  ALL of the ingredients we use are biodegradable.  In this gift, even the packaging is! 

Included are:

  • Peppermint Eucalyptus Soaking Salts (soak in the tub!)
  • 3 Bath Bombs of various types (fun to soak in the tub!)
  • Bug Go Away Soap (keeps the crawling bugs off during your earth hike!)
  • Ivy Comfort Soap (just in case you stumbled into the itchy plants)
  • Gardener's Scrub Soap (get all that dirt off your hands and knees)
  • Salt & SeaWeed Soap (because the ocean is earth too & it represents it so well)
  • Agave Cloth (a natural fiber exfoliating cloth-try it gently on the face too!)
  • Bio Nail Brush (scrubs soles also, very handy to have)
  • USA made wooden soap deck (keeps the soaps high and dry)
  • Yarrow Shampoo Bar (real shampoo in a bar+ some conditioner!)
  • Body Butter Bar (Lotion bar to use IN the shower, read the directions)
*Clear labels are not biodegradable, but we're working on that!


    WE have a few premade gifts listed, but this one is a premium, so if it's over your budget, look back on the gift page for other BIOGIFTS.


    *Clear labels are not biodegradable, but we are working on finding some that are!