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Yarrow Shampoo Bar

Yarrow Shampoo Bar

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This shampoo is not your typical! It's a BAR!  Save the bottle and the packaging is all biodegradable! 


First we infuse Native Yarrow grown on our farm in Southern Indiana, Native wild crafted Mullein, and Calendula into hair nourishing oils and butters consisting of Cocoa, Shea, Coconut, Black Castor, Jojoba, Rice Bran, Hempseed, & Argan
We add that to our coconut and plant derived surfactants.

The bar is conditioning!  Many bars contain BTMS which is acutely toxic to fish (NOT Naturally Skin & Fin Friendly!) so we've opted for a conditioning agent that is naturally derived, biodegradable, COSMO certified green and it's great for detangling, smoothing, increasing shine and combability.  It has a long name but is, again, naturally derived.

Lemon Powder gives the bar a correct pH for Hair.  

Squalane is very near in make up to Squalene-but not animal derived. An ingredient very much like our own skins protective moisture barrier and derived from Olives.

B Vitamin Panthenol, a Vegi Keratin, Natrasil which is a naturally derived silkening ingredient from Olives, Nutritive Rich Sea Buckthorn Oil and we scented it with Lavender, Cedarwood and Sage oil not only for a wonderful scent but for the hair care benefits of stimulating hair growth, oil balancing, 

If shampooing in the shower, just wet hair, rub bar from the top of scalp to the base and if longer hair, swipe down into the hair, avoiding eyes, 3 swipes is usually sufficient to product plenty of lather. Rinse and condition as usual, but most find that they may not need to condition with every washing!!

The bar lasts a long time as long as you don't let the water hit it during the shower, a Soap Lift works great with these!



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