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Bug-Go-Away Spray
Bug-Go-Away Spray

Bug-Go-Away Spray

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All Natural Insect Repelling Essential Oils Spritzer known to repel insects. Our customers love this product. We originally tested it at the River Roots Folk Festival back in 2011, in the evening, right beside the Ohio River where mosquitoes were abundant.  We offered folks to spray it on and try it out.  IF it works come back and buy some. We sold out and have been selling it since!  8 oz or 2.2 oz.

For use in ages 3 and up. 

Now contains Lemon Eucalyptus. Gov health agencies have reported this oil is as powerful as deet in keeping mosquitoes away. 

This is the same proven essential oil formula we used to create our  Bug Go Away Soap

NO synthetic Preservatives, Insecticides, Fragrances, Colors, Animal Testing, or Animal Derived ingredients.


Anecdotal Aromatherapy: with insect repelling essential oils that have been considered by the EPA to be "minimum risk pesticides."

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

Definitely a winner for no mosquitoes !

Heather P

This is amazing!!!! Totally works, I even got all my neighbors hooked!!! A typical night I would come in with about 10-15 bites between mosquitos or chiggers... NOTHING!!!!! I GOT NOTHING!!!! I am so excited!! It smells wonderful too! Thank you!

Barbara P.
This is a great product!

I use this spray every morning when I'm getting ready for my day. Bugs love me and I can't wear any perfume sprays. This has a nice light scent that is not obtrusive and leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturized. It really works...if I don't use it, I get bit. It gives me confidence to sit outside!

Michelle Q
This stuff works.

We use this all summer long. It works great to keep off the bugs and it smells so good sometimes you just want to put it on even if there is no bugs

Theresa D
Bug Go Away Spray

Love the scent. Sprayed on then sat in a chair in the grass for 2 hours and didn't get one bug bite!