Fountain Alley Shave Soaps
Fountain Alley Shave Soaps

Fountain Alley Shave Soaps

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Caribbean Lime- The classic pirate scent from the islands!

Bay Rum with Lime and Clove to spice it up.

The green clay in the soap gives your razor a better "slip"across the face (or legs for that matter).A very popular soap in our store.Create a lather with your hands or our shave brushes on the 'men's items' page.

LONG LASTING, all natural and handmade.


Anecdotal Aromatherapy:Lime- antiseptic, antiviral, astringent, uplifting, acne, skin care

Bay Rum- Skin infections, calming, antiseptic, anti infectious.


Sandalwoods- This blend is made from African Sandalwood with other essential oils to complement the scent and give it that Indian Sandalwood aroma! with Morrocan Red Clay for the slip.

African Sandalwood- Sedative, anti-inflammatory, stress

Patchouli- grounding




Uses- Shaving, may be used as a body bar as well.

2.75 oz.

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