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Got Milkweed?

Our "Naturally Skin & Fin Friendly"
simply means that whatever you put onto your skin,
either soaks in or is washed away into
the environment. 
At Fountain Alley BodyCare we only use biodegradable, edible ingredients,
people safe and planet safe. 
But our commitment to the planet does not stop there.  

Are you old enough to remember the days when, often you had to clean the bugs
off of your windshield?

And after a long trip you'd see butterflies
in your grill? 
Seems great in a way doesn't it? 
No windshield cleaning, no dead butterflies. 
But why?  

No-till farming practices, coupled with insecticide ready farm seed,
urban sprawl, and mass spraying of insecticide,
the insects are dwindling. And it's NOT a good thing. 

Some say the Monarch Butterfly numbers are down
90% in the last 20 years.
There are ways to help. 
What are we doing at

Fountain Alley BodyCare? 

We're raising awareness that our pollinators are in decline. 
We farm, without the use of pesticides and we leave
patches of milkweed-the host plant for the
​Monarch Butterfly-one of the most in decline. 
We go a little further than that. 
We collect and protect monarch eggs and caterpillars by rearing them in
our home and sometimes at our business!
We've released over 1800 as of September 2023.
The Flutterby Courtyard is an
outdoor education center all about the
Monarch and Monarch Waystations-places that monarchs can stop,
lay eggs on host plants, feed and rest on their migration journey.  
What can you do to help? 
Plant milkweed, preferably that is native to your region. 
Have other native flowering plants 
​so the monarch and other pollinators can feed on the nectar. 
Three of our soaps fund various Monarch Habitat, Education and Public Outreach
Woodland Wings Soap
Caterpillar Hunter Soap (aka Bug Go Away) Soap
Green Patience Soap

To learn about raising monarchs, check out:
To learn how to become a "Butterfly Hero" :
To learn more about butterfly disease and for test kits to check for OE in Butterflies:
And stay tuned, there's lots coming up!
Free Milkweed Seeds will be available periodically at our store.  Just give us a call.

How to Plant Common Milkweed Seeds in FALL:
1. Select a location with Full Sun
2. Clean area of grass/debris
3. Rake ground to loosen
4. Water area to moisten soil
5. Set seeds on top of soil every 6-7 inches
6. Cover thinly with mulch/soil
7. Mark the spot with a garden label

1.  Place seeds in refrigerator in sealed bag with damp paper towel for 30 days
2. Start seeds indoors 4-6 weeks before last frost in small peat pots
3.  Keep moist and lighted
4.  It may be beneficial to keep a light fan on them, to sturdy the willowy stalk
5.  Plant peat pot in ground in full sun or part sun/shade
6.  Keep watered
OR just spread the 30 day refrigerated seeds in a bedding spot and keep watered.
The Butterflies will LOVE you!