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Who are We?


Natural products that are Truly natural.

Every ingredient starts out as food grade and many are organic-but don't eat them!  

Most products are VEGAN, but we have a few BEEGAN products also.  We do not use animal milk and we feel there is no need for it in any product.  If it states milk, it's a nut milk.  

Our soaps are made with a high Olive oil content, so you could call them Olive Oil soaps.  We also use Rice Bran which is very similar in soap characteristics as Olive.  Our soaps also contain Rainforest Alliance™ Certified Organic Palm Oil, Coconut Oil and a variety of other nut and seed oils specific to that soap.

Our soaps are technically "fragrance free" although almost every bar has  essential oils, so they are very fragrant, but naturally. And you get the benefits of essential oils. We don't use any artificial fragrance in our soaps and bodycare products.

*We use Potassium Sorbate in every lotion as a mold inhibitor, so it is the one ingredient we do not say is natural.  Many companies do, but it is an edible ingredient, and very safe.

The Fountain Alley BodyCare team has changed from a kitchen farm operation to a whole family with a physical store, website and commercial kitchen.

The Bubbly Short Story-

2003  We made our first batch of soap. Started All Good Things. We realize the importance of every ingredient going into the water supply.

2004  Larry had sold our first wholesale order to Wanda's Gifts in downtown         Madison.  We pounded the festival beat, farmer's markets, etc..

2005  We started our own website that we built ourselves! Clay starts making candles.

2009  We bought a building and had a soft opening of the store during the Madison Chautauqua! Clay and Luke both work at store. 

2010  We had our Grand Opening with the local Chamber of Commerce

2011  Awarded Indiana's Main Street Business of the Year

2013  Best of Madison Award   

2013  Store expands into another building

2014  Business of the Month Award Madison

2017 During the Solar Eclipse All Good Things morphs into Fountain Alley BodyCare

2018  Awarded Madison's Best Specialty Retailer

2019 Fountain Alley BodyCare celebrates 10 year anniversary on Main St.

2020 WE MADE IT THROUGH!  Thank Goodness as many stores didn't.   2 Months of Sidewalk pick up was the only change. 

Of course there is so many events within that period and tens of thousands of bars of soap created, sold, and washed down the drains of households all over the country (and some parts of the world)!

That's again why it is so important that the products we use on a daily basis are clean and healthy for our environment-it all eventually gets back into the water supply. 

Fountain Alley BodyCare
Naturally Skin & Fin Friendly!
The long story, the natural roots...

1968 Sonia picks dandelions for mother to cook

1969-1984 Sonia listens to  Grandpa Masters go on and on about Euell Gibbons, makes dolls out of flowers, has a love for tea, animals, insects.

1984 Gets a job as a waitress and meets Larry.

1984-1988 Sonia learns from Larry about healthy eating, herbs and uses, vitamins, meets Harry and Ellen Graham- herbalists and learns more about uses of herbal teas and supplements.  

1988 Move to Jefferson County, In. Larry and Sonia marry. Meet Solomon Wickey and Jake Schwartz, World Renown Amish Herbalists, and learn more of herbs and health, take course with Jake and become Herb Specialists of School of Natural Health with Natures Sunshine.  

1988-1991 Sonia spends hours in the woods identifying native plants and preparing herbal teas and tinctures, etc.., hours in Hanover College Library learning of identification of plants.  Larry and Sonia raise beef also.

1991-1994  Larry and Sonia have two sons Clay and Luke and herbalists are more important than ever.  Homeschool the children. Live life.

1995-2003 Folkners meet aromatherapist and a new chapter in their own educations begin.  Sonia focuses her attention to essential oils also. They raise sheep too, only to find that sheep in limited pasture need too many chemicals to stay alive and then quit.  Lots of other stuff in life, ups, downs, love, heartache, life in general...

2003 Family friend says lets try our hand at making soap.  Then go back to top!