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Eucalyptus & Oats Soap

Eucalyptus & Oats Soap

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Eucalyptus with finely ground oats and a bit of Cassia. Same skin softening oils we always use!  We are LOVING IT!  


 Anecdotal Aromatherapy:

Eucalyptus- Invigorating, balancing, speeds healing process, purifying, antiviral, antibiotic, antiseptic, clears emotional issues.

Cassia- Calming, warming, balances, used for over two thousand years

Aromatherapy benefits are purely anecdotal.  These statements have not been evaluated by any governing authority.  Fountain Alley, llc makes no claims but uses published sources for aromatherapy purposes only.  If you have a medical condition seek medical help.  Soap is strictly for cleansing the skin.©


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