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Mud On Your Face - Food Masks
Mud On Your Face - Food Masks
Mud On Your Face - Food Masks
Mud On Your Face - Food Masks

Mud On Your Face - Food Masks

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Our Mud on your Face Food Masks are much loved in our store. 

Strawberries & Pink Clay- Deep cleansing & exfoliating. Great for all skin types, Teen, & Mature skin. Ladies in our store have talked about how it lightens some brown spots. The benefits last for more than just the day, your skin will feel great! Pink Clay- Smoothing and soothing, detoxifying, firming, mineral rich Coconut Milk-soothing, moisturizing, Strawberry Powder- toning, exfoliating, antiseptic, blemishes, astringent, vitamin C rich Lemon-aids healing, antiseptic, acne.

Greens & Hemp- For Regeneration & Nutrients French Green Clay- variety of mineral elements, detoxifying. Organic Raw Hemp Protein Powder- Proteins, Anti inflammatory, antioxidant, omega 3,6, & 9, detox All Organic Super Green Vegie Blend of -Barley Grass, Wheat Grass, Spirulina, Spinach, Alfalfa leaf, Kelp, Dulse, Orange peel, Beet root, Dandelion leaf, Lemon peel, Ginkgo leaf-super detox and antioxidants, phyto-nutrient rich, cholorophyll rich, vitamin rich. Coconut Milk-soothing, moisturizing, vitamin rich. Clary Sage-Stimulating, regeneration of skin cells.

Carrot & Sandalwood- For Refining & purifying Great for all skin types, acne, & Mature skin. Kaolin Clay- Detox, soothing & softening Organic Carrot Powder- Antioxidant, damaged skin, vitamins Coconut Milk- Soothing Oatmeal-soothing Sandalwood- Moisture & astringent, Honey-general skin care, calmative Carrot Seed Oil -detox, wrinkles, eczema Patchouli- mature skin Chamomile-problematic skin acne Palma Rosa-scarring, tissue regeneration.

Mocha & Grapefruit- For Damaged skin & puffiness Great for all skin types, acne, & aging skin. Organic Fair Trade Coffee- firming, Organic Raw Cocao- Antioxidants, repair damaged skin Rhassoul Clay- Mineral Rich and Nutritive. Coconut Milk-soothing, Grapefruit- detox, cellulite, tonic, antiseptic, fluid retention, Ylang Ylang-general skin care, calmative.


Most Ingredients dehydrated.


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