Gardeners Green Thumb Gift

Gardeners Green Thumb Gift

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For before, during and after gardening! Get one for yourself or your green thumb friend!  Gardening is such a Life Event.

Bug Go Away Soap-use ahead to stop ticks and other creepy crawlies from enjoying skin

Bug Go Away Spray-strong enough to keep the mosquitos off!

Gardeners Scrub Soap-to rid the hands of that wonderful soil

Ivy Comfort Soap- just in case, use after being in the garden

Bio Nail Brush- perfect for nails and soles of feet

Shea Body Butter 2oz- to sooth worn hands  and nice for mild sunburns

All in our Biodegradable Unbleached Recycled Paper Box and Ribbons.  Comes with a mini card, tell us in the "notes" section at checkout exactly how you want it to read.