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Ultimate Outdoor Bundle

Ultimate Outdoor Bundle

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All of our Bug Go Away products in one discounted bundle. 

Essential Oils listed with EPA as insect deterrents that "pose little to no risk to human health or the environment."  CDC now states that Lemon Eucalyptus is as effective as DEET for mosquitoes. 

As always it's all natural.  Spray and Essential oil For ages 3 and up.   

1   9 oz Bug Go Away Spray

1   2.2 oz Bug Go Away Spray

1   15ml Bug Go Away Essential Oil Concentrate

2 Bug Go Away Soaps (one labeled Caterpillar Hunter, a great gift for an outdoor enthusiast or use yourself)

Be aware-what you put on your skin is washed into the Earth's water supply.  At Fountain Alley BodyCare we're committed to creating products with only ingredients that are great for your skin, urly natural, and safe for the planet.  It's all...

Naturally Skin & Fin Friendly!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Barbara P.
Love this soap!

I use this soap every spring and summer. Bugs love me and I can't wear any perfumes or sprays without getting eaten alive. Using this soap is a total gamechanger! It lathers well and leaves my skin feeling great. And I love the fact it is chemical free. Safe on my skin and on the environment.

A. Hope

This soap has saved our hiking adventures!
I have 4 children under 10.
We do a lot of outside activities here in Maine and it’s no fun picking 10+ ticks off of each person, each hike.
The littlest is 2 and obviously loves anything leaf pile related, she always has the most bug bites and I’m constantly picking ticks off of her. She uses this soap regularly now. I can definitely say she’s got less bug bites and no ticks! Also I’ve seen no irritation (from using the soap) to her skin at all.

We went camping (in a tent) one night last week, each of the kids showered with this soap (and we followed up with a homemade bug repellent), when we got back home we only had a handful of bug bites out of the 6 of us! No ticks either. A couple crawling along but not attached to our skin!
I will definitely be purchasing more of this soap!